Cost effective cosmetics for home sellers

If you are planning on selling your home – stick with neutrals when you re paint. How many times have you walked into a house and thought the whole thing would need to be repainted before you could live in it?

Not everyone wants or needs a pink bedroom, or a bright red wall in the dining room. And what about wallpaper?

Get rid of the outdated look

Once it was very popular- then not so much. Some trendsetting designers swearwall paper is coming back in vogue – but tastes differ. Wallpaper in the baths, bedrooms and kitchen dates a house and may turn off a potential buyers.

Not everyone likes bright yellow stripes in the bath or butterflies in the kitchen. Better to prime the wall and use a neutral color paint to cover wallpaper. Buyers will be able to envision their furnishings and not focus on all the work they will have to do to make the house livable for them.

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Getting ready to buy your first home?

Weve received numerous calls from new home buyers who are eager to get started with owning a new home. After asking a few questions, it becomes clear they might be leasing for a bit longer. Why is that? It is because they had basically no savings.

What most first time home buyers dont realize is the amount of money needed to get into a home. Even if you can get a home loan with no or a low down payment, there are still some costs associated with the purchase.

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how to save for your first new home purchase

Home buying costs many don’t think about

The down payment can vary from 0 down to 20%. Hiring a home inspector, possibly paying for a survey and POA transfer fees. Finally, there are prepaid items that can not be paid by the seller like home owners insurance and property taxes.

Saving for a new home purchase

Best way to save for a down payment on a new home is to make a savings plan and force yourself to follow the plan.

“Savings, however, are incredibly important, especially if you are looking to someday buy a house or get an investment property loan.Real EstateTrac recently reportedthat the average American down payment was around 15% in 2015. With the median sales price for a househovering around $250,000, house buyersmay need to save $40,000 or moreto buy a house. Even low down mortgageslike anFHA loan can cost you 3.5% plus closing costs, requiring $10,000 or more.” ~ Brandon Turner

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Here are a few more tips to get you on your way to home ownership.