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Over the last several months, there has been a significant amount of speculation about the role that the declining price of oil will have on the housing market in the Montgomery / Lake Conroe area. As we look at the numbers of homes sold in the area for August 2015, it appears to be having a very limited effect.

There were 254 homes sold in August versus 277 for last month. Part of this decline can be easily attributed to end of summer seasonal pattern where the market is traditionally less active.

The number of homes under contract was 421 down from 451 in July, but still ahead of any other month in the last seven years. Homes for sale in the area totaled 1320, but represented only six months of inventory well under historic highs.

The sale prices with the most activity are the $100,000 to $300,000 ranges with 21% of the sales and homes under contract. Overall, the Lake Conroe/Conroe area real estate market is still performing well and showing the typical seasonal declines as we enter the back to school and end of summer window.

Focusing on the six major subdivisions around Lake Conroe, April Sound continued to excel on the resale market selling 43% of the homes listed for sale and Walden came in second at 37% of listing sold.

Grand Harbor saw 27% of its listings sell and Bentwater saw 16%. April Sound and Walden’s success is largely due to the majority of their homes under contract and sold falling into the in demand $100,000-$300,000 range.

Aug-15 Number of Homes on 8/31/15 Average Days on Market
Subdivision Active Pending Sold % Listings Pending or Sold Active Pending Sold
April Sound 60 31 14 43% 66 49 46
Bentwater 144 14 14 16% 58 84 41
Grand Harbor 32 7 5 27% 91 106 28
Point Aquarius 23 7 6 36% 91 53 76
Walden 132 44 33 37% 102 53 39
Data derived from Houston Association of Realtors and Multiple Listing Service for single family homes.
Subdivision Active Pending Sold
April Sound ?$??? 320,018 ?$????? 222,835 ?$???? 334,348
Bentwater ?$??? 609,418 ?$????? 363,958 ?$???? 462,343
Grand Harbor ?$??? 667,242 ?$????? 488,344 ?$???? 424,257
Point Aquarius ?$??? 273,113 ?$????? 174,987 ?$???? 273,113
Walden ?$??? 332,723 ?$????? 218,750 ?$???? 205,834

The overall days on market declined in most subdivision for active for sale, under contract and sold indicating that the backlog of long term listing has diminished through sale or with drawl. The relatively low days on market for pending and sold listings indicates that well priced and well maintained homes are selling well and quickly.

Overall, the results point to a stable real estate market following historic seasonal trends.

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Market Results for July 2015

Your residence is one of your most critical long term investments. Not only is it a key financial position, but it provides shelter and sense of place summed up in the word – home. It is a place?children grow up, memories are made, friends are entertained and so much more. It is important to you in so many ways more than its sheer value, but in the end most people want to know what their home worth in today’s real estate market.

Each month, we will provide you a snapshot of the Lake Conroe Real Estate Market based on information derived from the Houston Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service or HAR MLS for those who like acronyms.

Conroe/Lake Conroe Trends

July 2015 was a hot month in the Lake Conroe Real Estate Market. There were 277 homes sold during the month which slightly exceeded Junes result. July was the second highest month on record behind August 2014. The largest segment of homes sold were in the $100,000-$400,000 range at 59% of the total sold. The $400,000 to $600,000 range was an additional 22% of the total sold.

There was an additional 451 homes that were under contract which was down 8.2% from June. Overall, there were 1359 homes listed for sale and awaiting buyers as of the first of August. That was almost 20% below the historic peak number of listings in 2008.

Subdivision Results

We monitor five subdivision for comparative performance. During July, Grand Harbor had the best sales to listing ratio at 44% while properties in April Sound sold faster. Grand Harbor had the highest average listing price at $689, 421 and the highest average selling price at $546,472 on nine properties.

Jul-15 Number of Homes on 7/31/15 Average Days on Market
Subdivision Active Pending Sold % Listings Pending or Sold Active Pending Sold
April Sound 67 26 25 43% 66 49 46
Bentwater 146 23 10 18% 126 95 64
Grand Harbor 31 15 9 44% 87 19 64
Point Aquarius 23 7 6 36% 91 53 76
Walden 131 52 37 40% 99 44 52
Subdivision Active Pending Sold
April Sound $???? ? ? 355,946 $???? ? ? 257,101 $???? ? ? 200,532
Bentwater $???? ? ? 619,228 $???? ? ? 534,440 $???? ? ? 498,606
Grand Harbor $???? ? ? 689,421 $???? ? ? 319,998 $???? ? ? 546,572
Point Aquarius $???? ? ? 273,113 $???? ? ? 174,987 $???? ? ? 273,113
Walden $??????? 325,348 $??????? 206,146 $???????? 198,257

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Posted By: John & Michelle Hoover at Lake Conroe Real Estate