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The real estate process can be a confusing and frustrating experience.  It doesn’t have to be.    As real estate professionals, we are committed to making your real estate journey a rewarding and enjoyable process.

Our Commitment to Our Clients


We keep in direct and frequent communication with you, providing an appraisal of every opportunity to see you reach your goals. When we say we will get back to you, we do.

You will speak to us directly every time you call.  You will not be assigned to another team member or another office in a national chain.

Our knowledge and real life experience living in Lake Conroe and Montgomery County gives us an edge on the Lake Conroe Realty market. We consider ourselves a service to our current and future neighbors and hold your best interests in mind.

We earn your trust every day by practicing real estate with the highest ethical standards in honesty and integrity.

We work hard for you. We explore every opportunity in today’s fast paced market.

As former successful national and international retailers turned real estate professionals, we bring an aggressive marketing strategy that makes your property stand out. Our thorough research and market knowledge will help maximize your investment.

WE GET RESULTS.  Is there anything else more important? 

Hondo: Lake Conroe Lifestyle RepresentativeRed DogAn integral part of our lives and our Real Estate business is our dog, Hondo.  He is a Vizsla, who is our best buddy, smart, loyal, energetic and very red. He “single-pawedly” represents what is great about living in the Lake Conroe and Montgomery County Area. His lifestyle is so amazing , enjoying the lake, woods and moderate climate, it seemed only natural to feature him as our mascot. Vizsla’s are sporting dogs and natural hunters.  They run everywhere and can obtain speeds of 35 miles per hour for brief sprints.  They are friendly and playful, but their most enduring characteristic is their loyalty.  Even as adults they want to be with you every minute of the day. As a result, Hondo is an active part of our real estate business.  He sniffs out the best deals, let’s  us know when something does not smell quite right and is only happy when you are happy.   He is an active blogger along with his humans and worth reading. He does get a bit carried away with his favorite things which are:

    • Playing fetch
    • Chasing squirrels
    • Going for car rides
    • Running
    • Playing with toys
    • Meeting other dogs and new people
    • Whine (not wine)


John Hoover: Realtor on a Mission

John Hoover Lake Conroe RealtyMy mission is simple: to give you the best customer service and best outcome possible that you will ever experience in a real estate transaction. I believe that what is likely one of the biggest financial decisions you will make, you need a Realtor who will not only professionally guide you through the process, but will be at your side whenever needed as your property advocate. If you are selling your home or a property, then you want the highest sales price for your home in the shortest time possible and with the least headache from the real estate transaction process. If you are buying a home, then you want the best value for your new home with the smoothest sale possible. With that in mind, my goal is to deliver the best result possible for you whichever side of the sale you will be on. After 30 years of domestic and international retail buying experience negotiating multi-million dollar product purchases, I now call the Lake Conroe, Montgomery, Conroe and The Woodlands areas of northwest Montgomery County my home. With over fifteen years in the area, I have seen it grow rapidly into one of the most dynamic markets in Texas and the nation. Contact Us and see the difference.


Michele Hoover: Local Market Expert, Real Estate Transaction Advocate

Michelle Hoover Lake Conroe Realty

I grew up in the Houston area and lived in The Woodlands for over 12 years. I currently reside in the Lake Conroe area and have seen the tremendous growth of the community. Lake Conroe is quickly becoming one of the most dynamic markets in Texas. As a member of the Lake Conroe Realty team I have the advantage of working with the premiere real estate firm on Lake Conroe. Lake Conroe Realty is consistently one of the highest sales generating agencies in the Lake Conroe area. I am currently a member of the Houston Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors and the Houston Area MLS. Thru these organizations, I keep myself updated in the most current information and market statistics and regularly take continuing education classes. Before entering the field of real estate I worked in domestic and international retail for 27 years. I spent nearly 7 years living in Hong Kong and quickly became a reference for help for other expats in locating apartments, Western style grocery stores, hair stylist, doctors and dentists and anything else to make one’s life abroad comfortable. The skills I obtained from living abroad such as communication, customer service, marketing and promotion skills, have transferred into realty and have helped me understand client goals and how to achieve them.


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