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Are You Wondering How to Sell Your House?

Let Hoover Lake Conroe Help.  Learn Why Sellers List With Us:


There are thousands of properties in Lake Conroe, The Woodlands, and Montgomery County on the real estate market at any given time.  Hoover Lake Conroe Realty gives you the edge to maximize your potential and sell your property quickly for its highest value.

WE PROVIDE A DETAILED PRICING STRATEGY ON HOW TO SELL YOUR HOUSE using the MLS, tax records, Market Trends and our local knowledge.

WE CREATE TAILORED MARKETING PROGRAMS TO EACH INDIVIDUAL PROPERTY.  Each property is unique and requires a personalized approach to stand out from the crowd.  We do not create demand, we capture it.

WE HEAVILY INVEST IN MARKETING YOUR PROPERTY by creating property specific materials and utilize online marketing. Nine out of ten home transactions begin on the web.   Our digital presence extends from MLS and agency sites to our personal website, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, e-flyers and other social media.

WE UTILIZE TECHNOLOGY including professional photos, aerial photography, video and multiple other channels to support our digital and printed traditional marketing.

WE KEEP IN TOUCH with frequent feedback on showings, prospective buyer’s comments, market activity and trends.   We will also review our strategy with you monthly to make any required adjustments to sell your home.

WE ARE DIRECT We understand that selling your home is an emotional process. So we remain conscientious and objective to both our client’s and the buyer’s needs..

WE SIMPLIFY by taking a complicated process and providing you with the most important information on how to sell your house.

WE ARE FOCUSED ON RESULTS and are only satisfied when your home is sold.

WE ARE REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS.   We are full-time Real Estate Professionals driven to achieve your real estate goals.  As a team of married agents, both of us are focused on selling your home for its greatest value.

Below are some tips from Hoover Lake Conroe Realty to help you better understand how to sell your house:

How to Increase the value of your property and get the best price:

  • Keep the existing structure of your home in good condition this includes framing, foundation, and basic systems such as plumbing and electricity.
  • Specific home improvements such as remodeling a kitchen, adding a bathroom, or upgrading landscaping can increase the value of your property.
  • Returns on basic improvements:
    • Kitchen remodel can average up to 92.9 percent
    • Bathroom additions return an average of 86.4 percent and can add as much as 8.7 percent to the sales price of the home.
    • Window and roof replacements return an average of 80 percent
  • Make sure to measure improvements against the overall values in your neighborhood. Don’t upgrade so much so that the price of your house is above other homes in the neighborhood.
  • Curb appeal is a great place to invest in. The outside of your home should convey a welcoming feeling and entice people to walk inside.
  • A Comparative Market Analysis (informal estimate of value based on comparable sales in the neighborhood) and Appraisal (certified appraiser’s opinion of the worth of a home at a given time) are the most accurate ways to determine the value of your home.


  • It is recommended to hire a pre-sale home inspection to indicate major and minor trouble areas that need repairs.  Small repairs include: fresh paint, cleaned carpets, repaired cabinets, etc.
  • Most purchase contracts include an inspection clause that allows a buyer to back out if numerous defects are found or negotiate for their repair.