If you are considering selling your home, these fall maintenance items are a must.

October is the time for a central heating check. Best to have the heat checked now, before it gets cold  (we can dream, can’t we?) Also, it’s a good time to invest in the newest model of smoke detectors that also detect carbon monoxide.

PS: Several stores including Costco are offering specials on them this month.

Another important tip – If you live in a wooded area, keep the leaves and pine needles off the roof and out of the gutters. Unblock and down spouts. Trim tree branches away from the roof to prevent local critters from making your home, their home! Finally, make sure any holes that provide attic access to critters are filled.

If you do hear the pitter-patter of unwanted attic guests, call your favorite pest control company to remove the critters. Racoons, squirrels, and roof rats, can do major damage to wires, air ducts, causing major repair bills.

Check the article for more information.


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