selling your home put a fresh coat of paint for appearance

Cost effective cosmetics for home sellers

If you are planning on selling your home – stick with neutrals when you re paint. How many times have you walked into a house and thought the whole thing would need to be repainted before you could live in it?

Not everyone wants or needs a pink bedroom, or a bright red wall in the dining room. And what about wallpaper?

Get rid of the outdated look

Once it was very popular- then not so much. Some trendsetting designers swearwall paper is coming back in vogue – but tastes differ. Wallpaper in the baths, bedrooms and kitchen dates a house and may turn off a potential buyers.

Not everyone likes bright yellow stripes in the bath or butterflies in the kitchen. Better to prime the wall and use a neutral color paint to cover wallpaper. Buyers will be able to envision their furnishings and not focus on all the work they will have to do to make the house livable for them.

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